Declaration for Fair Water Footprints welcomes three new Signatories on World Water Day

The Declaration for Fair Water Footprints is delighted to welcome three new Signatories who joined us on World Water Day.

Banka BioLoo Limited (Banka Bio) is an award-winning enterprise engaged in developing innovative WASH infrastructure and services across India. The company provides, and services WASH infrastructure, ensures appropriate treatment of related waste and undertakes resource recovery and circularity – thereby completing the value-chain of water, wastewater and sanitation.

“Banka Bio exemplifies, in all respects, the Glasgow Declaration for Fair Water Footprints, through all its activities. It is an honour and pleasure to become a signatory to the Declaration and to reiterate our commitment to climate-resilient, inclusive and sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene in general, and fair water footprints in particular,” commented their Executive Chairman, Sanjay Banka. “We shall work closely with all stakeholders to implement the commitments of the Glasgow Declaration. This forward-looking Declaration acts as a guiding force for all of us, to ensure a fair, equitable, inclusive and sustainable water-secure world.”

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) is a climate action NGO working around the globe to tackle the causes of the climate crisis and give the planet a sustainable future. WRAP brings together governments, businesses and individuals to ensure that the world’s natural resources are used more sustainably. In November 2021, WRAP launched the Water Roadmap to help UK food and drink businesses support UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 and deliver the Courtauld Commitment 2030 water target, which aims to ensure 50% of the UK’s fresh food is sourced from areas with sustainable water management.  

Over the past year WRAP has been collaborating more closely with likeminded international partners like the Declaration for Fair Water Footprints, to help accelerate progress towards more sustainable water management in the food and drink supply chain.

On signing the Declaration, Catherine David, Director of Collaboration and Change said: “WRAP is proud to announce that we will be signing the Declaration for Fair Water Footprints this week, at what is a crucial moment for water. The climate crisis requires us to act rapidly, to improve the resilience and sustainability of our global supply chains. By becoming a signatory we can combine efforts and collectively achieve shared goals in some of the highest risk food & drink sourcing areas around the world. We urge others to join this global leadership effort and we look forward to working with Fair Water Footprints to address water risk at this critical time.:

The Declaration also welcomes Earth Guardians – a youth organisation representing thousands of youth leaders, activists and artists driving action and an culture shift towards a more just future.