Fair Water Footprints at World Water Week

Fair Water Footprints: changing the game in the race to 2030

Tuesday 22nd August 930-10am CET/830-9am UK

Join our online event to find out how Fair Water Footprints can transform the way we use water for good.

Honourable Minister Abida Mia, Minister for Water, Government of Malawi, will explain what unfair water footprints really mean for communities, ecosystems and economies of the Global South, and why Malawi is championing the Glasgow Declaration on Fair Water Footprints.

Water Witness International Executive Director, Dr Nick Hepworth, will delve into the data on the true reliance of the Global North on the water resources of the Global South for the goods we consume.

And Suzanne Franks, Sustainability Manager, Sainsbury’s, will speak on what corporations can do to address their water footprints in global supply chains.

To join this online event, register for the free Stockholm World Water Week online access pass here https://worldwaterweek.org/tickets and add the event to your schedule.

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22nd August 2023
0930 CEST/ 0830 BST